All About Government Agencies Basic

This basic bundle for government related organizations is a great way to begin a new library or automate an existing library. It will allow you to create a catalog of items and/or patrons, print out reports and listings, print cards (stock not included) and labels track serials received on a regular basis and even get yourself into bar coded circulation!

The Government Basic Bundle includes…

  • 1 ResourceMate® Essential Plus  Read More
  • 1 OPAC License - simultaneous   Read More
  • 1 Sheet Feed Labels (100 sheets)  Read More
  • 1 1,000 Spine Label Protectors - 1 1/2" x 2"  Read More
  • 1 Level 1, 2 & 3 Training DVDs  Read More
  • 1 1,000 Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels - Laminated  Read More
  • 1 Annual Support for ResourceMate® Essential Plus with Live Chat  Read More
  • 1 Install ResourceMate® on your stand alone computer  Read More
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Other bundles not designated specifically for this industry may also be appropriate for your needs.
This product is available as a download.
Price: $1,260.00/ea