About Jaywil Software Development

Jaywil Software Development Inc. focuses its energies on meeting the needs of small to medium sized libraries and the challenges of library automation. The company was started by Brian Watson in 1991, and was incorporated in 1993 with the official launch of ResourceMate®.

ResourceMate® was born out of frustration that there seemed to be no reasonably priced comprehensive automation software available for smaller to medium sized libraries. Brian’s mission was to provide a comprehensive solution that would help libraries streamline operations, and enable them to maximize productivity and efficiency all at a reasonable price. In order to fulfill this mission ResourceMate® development staff have closely collaborated with its customers to address the ongoing evolving requirements of libraries.

The result of this effort is that ResourceMate® is a sophisticated but easy-to-use solution that is remarkably adaptable, has flexible features, and helps libraries meet their needs and achieve their objectives every day.

Jaywil Software Development Inc. has a reputation for caring and providing first-rate support services. When you partner with Jaywil Software you get the comfort in knowing that our quality products are trusted by thousands of libraries around the world.


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