Make your library collection searchable anywhere, anytime with Web OPAC!  

Web OPAC is an online search screen that lets your patrons search your library from any computer or device with internet access. It's a great way to promote awareness and use of your library! Click on the links below for more details. 

Access demos here.

Watch our video here.

NEW: we are now offering a 1 hour Online Training course for Web OPAC.  Learn more here.

Note: you need to have one of the ResourceMate Family of Products programs and internet access on your computers that are maintaining the database in order to use Web OPAC. 

We require that Web OPAC customers keep their ResourceMate annual Support active as we release updates regularly throughout the year that directly impact Web OPAC.

Web OPAC with Daily Data Updates

Web OPAC with Daily update of data (annual fee)



Web OPAC with Instant Data Updates

Web OPAC - Instant update of data (annual fee)



Web OPAC Design Services

Let us customize your Web OPAC online search screen for you with our new Design Services. Prices are based on $50 per 30 minutes consulting & designing.