For a nominal fee, we can assist you to make the most out of ResourceMate®.  Extremely knowledgeable staff are available Mon – Fri 9-5 (Eastern) on our 1-800 number as well as via e-mail support.

Annual Support

Renewing Annual Support has the following advantages: continued use of ISBN Retrieval, program updates, phone and e-mail support, off-site backup, and anniversary data check.

Knowledgebase / Troubleshooting

For those looking for answers on their own, the ResourceMate® Knowledgebase offers help with error messages, latest issues as well as general problems you may encounter. We also offer similar support specific to Web OPAC.

Updates for Your ResourceMate

We currently offer updates for those using ResourceMate 3.0 and the Family of Products.

Installation Instructions for Network Administrators (ResourceMate 3.0)

Everything your network administrator needs to know to install ResourceMate® Network or OPAC (Patron Search) on your organization's network.

Installation Instructions for Network Administrators (Family of Products)

Web OPAC Admin Guide

Offsite / Anniversary Backup

Easily upload your backup for offsite storage or the anniversary data check.

Remote Circulation Install File and Guide