Frequently Asked Questions

Family of Products

A video overview

Click here to see our video overview of some of the exciting features available in this upgrade.

Item limits

The Family of Products come with item limits which can be increased for $100 (one time fee) per additional 10,000 items.

Essential - 10,000 items - can increase
Extended - 20,000 items - can increase
Premium - Unlimited

Can my 3.0 data be transferred?

Yes, there will be a menu option to import 3.0 data (File, Import ResourceMate® 3.0 information).

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Upgrading from 3.0


The Family of Products is a major upgrade to ResourceMate®. Customers who currently have ResourceMate® 3.0 or 2.0 will qualify for a discounted price on an upgrade to the Family of Products. Although the upgrade has substantial changes, we ensure that any data you have placed in ResourceMate® 3.0 or 2.0 will be easily transferred to your upgraded version of ResourceMate.

Note: If you purchase an upgrade to the Family of Products you cannot give your 3.0 to someone else so they can use it. If you want to do that you need to purchase a full version of the Family of Products instead of the upgrade.

What are some of the changes? Why should I upgrade?

See what others are saying about their upgrade to the Family of Products.

As with previous upgrades we try to keep menus and screens quite similar so you don't need to re-learn ResourceMate.

Where do I purchase upgrades?

Click here to purchase upgrades.

My support is up to date. Do I receive a discount on my upgrade?

Yes, you will receive a $20 discount on your upgrade. Your existing 3.0 support is automatically transferred once you register your upgraded ResourceMate® product. With the purchase of your upgrade you will receive an additional month for free.

Does an upgrade overwrite ResourceMate® 3.0?

Absolutely not. When you install the ResourceMate® upgrade on your computer it does Not overwrite or modify your existing ResourceMate® 3.0 program or data.

How should we transition into the Family of Products?

You have 2 options:

1) Import your 3.0 data and practise / learn in the upgraded version. Anything you do in the upgraded version will eventually be over-written. You are just practising / learning.

Note: Do not use the upgraded version for “real” processing at this time.

Continue to use 3.0 as your “real” copy as you learn in the new version. When you are 100% ready to move to the upgraded ResourceMate® simply import your 3.0 data again and stop using ResourceMate® 3.0.

2) Import your 3.0 data and go “live” without any learning time.

Note: Importing your 3.0 data a 2nd time will over-write all information in your upgraded ResourceMate® and will not keep any changes you have made in your upgraded version (including preferences). The exception is Listing Reports, Report Gallery or ResourceMate Security in the new ResourceMate. These will not be overwritten if you load your RM 3.0 data a 2nd time. Changes made in the upgraded version CANNOT be moved back into 3.0.

Can I give my existing 3.0 product to someone else?

No, because you purchased an upgrade, you cannot give your 3.0 to someone else. If you want to give your 3.0 to someone else you need to purchase a full version of the Family of Products instead of the upgrade.

Jaywil Software hosts our ResourceMate® 3.0. How do we upgrade?

Our hosting prices remain the same. You will purchase your upgrade to the Family of Products. There will be a $60 charge for Jaywil Software to do your install and convert your 3.0 information. You can decide when Jaywil Software can take your hosting off-line to do the upgrade.

What if I am at 2.0 and want to upgrade?

You will have to pay for the upgrade to 3.0 ($99 for Regular, $129 for Plus), then the upgrade to the Family of Products. You will need to send us your 2.0 data so we can convert it to the new format (no charge).

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Who can benefit by using ResourceMate® ?

• Organizations: Corporations, businesses with resources to track, associations, non-profit organizations, churches, synagogues, toy libraries, historical societies, museums, hospital libraries, county libraries and more.
• Schools: Elementary and High schools, Private schools, Christian Schools & Academies, Special or Department collections in Colleges and Universities.
• Professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Clergy, Youth Workers, Music Directors, Professors
• Collectors or frequent buyers of: Books, Tapes, CD's, DVD's, Videos, etc. - anything collectable.

How can they benefit from ResourceMate® ?

• Stop losing money by forgetting to whom you lent items from your collection. For many organizations this savings can pay for ResourceMate® in one year.

• Make your library or collection searchable on the World Wide Web for only $149 using our Web Search product. Search multiple collections with Web Search Inter-Library ($149 per library).

• Catalogue, Search and Report on: Books, CD's, Audio Cassettes, DVD's, Video Tapes, Files, Magazines, Journals, Stories, Sermons, Songs, Scripts, Reports, Photos, Slides, Manuals, Inventory of any resources. Add your own resource types!

• Load extensive subject information (great for Hymnals, Song Books, Scientific Documents).

• Keep track of what you own and avoid unintentional duplicate purchases.

• Keep track of what you plan to purchase or read. Keep a list of what needs to be repaired.

• Make notes on items and keep track of creative ideas, opinions and evaluations.

• Record and update current replacement value (great for insurance purposes).

• Track items which are checked out or in current use, track who is waiting to borrow a particular item.

• Print reminder notices of overdue items and easily renew checked out items.

• Search for all items related to a particular subject or keyword. Combine several searches into one to find just the items that match all criteria. Search and report on any entered information (e.g. Author, Replacement Value, Number of Times checked out, Purchase dates, Notes, Personal and Customized fields, etc.).

• Librarians - save redundant typing time by producing labels and cards, listings or use ResourceMate® completely on-line.

• Re-print a label or card without having to print the whole set.

• Customize information entered to the user’s specific needs.

• Customize reports to your specific needs.

• Import cataloguing data directly from the free Library of Congress web site - our most popular feature! (available to registered users with up to date support)

• Categorize resources (e.g. Staff Training, Consultant Reports, Counselling, Marriage, Family, Commentaries, etc.).

• Scan information from table of contents, entire articles, lyrics of songs, etc. into the notes field (Copy and Paste of character data is fully supported).

• In the Plus, Extended and Premium versions of ResourceMate® store many multimedia objects (sound file, video clip etc) in each catalogued item.

• promote various collections of books, dvds, audio books etc. that are of interest to individuals, group workshops, and other community based projects.

• demonstrate that new purchases for the library have filled a demand for new or additional information of interest groups by showing circulation history (Plus, Extended or Premium) and new purchases.

What makes ResourceMate® unique?

• Library or collection can be made searchable on the World Wide Web for just $149 with our Web Search product.

• Using Web Search Inter-Library ($149 per library), multiple collections can be searched at once.

• Isbn Retrieval / Library search / Batch ISBN can speed up your data entry process by about 5x. This is a very popular feature of ResourceMate®! (available to registered users with up to date support) The Plus, Extended and Premium version also have Batch ISBN. Process your list of 10, 100 or 1,000 isbns at once.

• Designed for the 100 to 50,000 item library or collection (yet there is no actual limit - click here to learn more).

• Entering unlimited Subject keywords per item allows extensive, flexible cross-referencing and search capabilities.

• Flexibility is provided with unlimited customizable fields that the user can set up for specific applications.

• Find items based on any entered information including your own user-defined fields.

• All reports can be customized for your specific needs.

• Automatic waiting list management is a handy feature of ResourceMate®. As items are checked in, the automatic waiting list lets the librarian know who is waiting to check out the same item.

• ResourceMate® will automatically handle multiple copies of the same item.

• Notes and comments (unlimited capacity) can be added for each item entered. Optionally, Librarian notes and comments can be seen by library users in their search results.

• Lists of items To be read, To be bought, To be repaired, etc. can be accumulated. Create your own item Status values.

• Reminder notices of items on loan can be e-mailed or mailed out in #10 window envelopes.

• Current, up-to-date replacement values for insurance purposes can be maintained.

• Ability to add as many different resource types as you want -- books, videos, tapes, files, sermons, and more. The use of ResourceMate® is only limited by “your imagination”.

• All field labels (Title, Series, Sub-title, Author, Second Author, Third Author, Date Published, Publisher, # of Pages, Subject descriptions) can be customized for each different resource type (i.e. Author for Books, Artist for CD's, Director for Videos).

• Users of the library can use the OPAC and/or self check out without access to the full system; this ensures protection of information.

• With the Plus, Extended and Premium versions, data entry can be done on several computers, transferred to the main computer, and merged into the main database. Plus, Extended and Premium have many other features as well.

• The price of only $295, for the Lite version, is unique for a product that does so much.

How can I speed up the process of entering all of the books in our library?

ResourceMate® Plus, Extended or Premium: One of the features of these more advanced versions of ResourceMate® allows several people to enter items into their home computers, transfer to the main computer, and merge those items into the main computer. This feature allows volunteers or committee members to help in the process of entering the entire library.

Enter Basic Information: When entering items into ResourceMate® it is not necessary to enter all information related to that item. The person entering can determine how much or how little information they want to enter. Some people begin by entering the title, author, category and Dewey decimal call number of all items in their library and later come back to enter replacement value and detailed subject information. Include the isbn and later on you can retrieve more bibliographic information by using the isbn retrieval feature (available to registered users with up to date support).

ISBN Retrieval / Batch ISBN: This feature allows you to find full cataloguing information using the free Library of Congress Z39.50 web site. This very popular feature can increase your entry speed by about five times.

With ISBN Retrieval, type in the ISBN, click the ISBN Retrieval button and, if you have an internet connection, the information is automatically retrieved from the Library of Congress. ISBN Retrieval is available to registered users with paid support.

Batch ISBN - Process your list of 10, 100 or 1,000 isbns instead of one at a time (available in the Plus, Extended and Premium version).

Is there a limit to the number of items I can enter?

The Family of Products come with item limits which can be increased for $100 (one time fee) per additional 10,000 items. The exception is Lite which can only hold 2,500 items.

Essential - 10,000 items - can increase
Extended - 20,000 items - can increase
Premium - Unlimited
Lite - 2,500 items - cannot increase

Can ResourceMate® be customized to my specific requirements?

Yes, in several ways:
• The field descriptions for all fields including title, sub-title, series, author, second author, third author, publisher, date published, # of pages and subjects can be changed for each different resource type;
• You can add your own resource types to the list that comes built-in;
• You can define unlimited user definable fields. These consist of character, numeric, date, yes/no (on/off, true/false) fields and notes or comments fields. These fields are all searchable and can be added to grids and reports.
• You can customize the reports to your specific requirements (fonts, bolding, position of text, fields listed, etc).

How extensive are the search capabilities of ResourceMate®?

On the Simple Search Screen you can search by Title, Author, Subject or Keyword. You may also define 4 more buttons to search any field. A convenient feature of this screen is that, an entered title will search the title, sub-title and series fields simultaneously. An entered author will search the author, second author, third author and Statement of Responsibility fields.

On the Complex Search Screen you can search by any field. Boolean (and, or, not) searching is also available.

When generating any of the item reports, you may include/exclude specific items based on ANY of the information that has been entered including notes and comments and user defined fields. Complex compound or “chained” queries allow you to find, for example, all books not checked out in the last two years, etc.

What if we have a specific need or a suggestion for ResourceMate®?

A big part of the continued improvement of ResourceMate® is feedback from those using the product. We have always been open to hearing the concerns and suggestions of those using ResourceMate®. If we find that a field or feature is missing, we would like to hear these needs and consider the implications of changes within ResourceMate®. Many of the existing features of the programs are a direct result of suggestions or requests from people already using ResourceMate®.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do! We really appreciate it when our customers refer ResourceMate to their friends and fellow librarians so we have a program in place that will reward you! For every referral that turns into a ResourceMate program purchase, we will give you a coupon code that will give you 15% off your next purchase (not eligible for Hosting, Support, Web OPAC, or shipping charges and cannot be combined with other offers). Please let us know the names of people you have referred us to and we will store it in your record. And it will help us out if you pass on information when you know they are placing their order. Or feel free to contact us to see if the order has been placed.

Payment Options

Effective immediately we can no longer take credit card payments over the phone. New regulations mean we cannot take down your credit card details by phone. You can still pay by credit card through website or by mailing in a check.

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For Librarians

Can ResourceMate retrieve Accelerated Reader information?

Yes, the Extended, Extended Network and Premium version with up to date support can automatically retrieve Accelerated Reader information. Click here

Will ResourceMate import information from other library software packages?

Yes, we have already done a number of imports from Cross, InMagic, Follett, Athena, etc. We have even done custom fixes to make bar codes work when the bar code information imported is not the same as what scans from the bar code on the item.

What about RDA?

Our RDA implementation was released in the .24 update. ResourceMate can store RDA information at a resource type level as well as an individual item level. RDA information stored is included when exporting to MARC.

What about e-Books / e-resources?

We now have an eBook Patron Validation add on. Don't re-enter patron credentials on your ebook providers site. With this add on in place, your ebook provider can validate your patron bar code (or username) and optional pin that the patron enters.

ResourceMate® has always had a web field on the main tab where you can enter an internet url related to the cataloged item. This can be used for e-resources that you want to make available to your patrons. When they search using the OPAC they can double click the link and launch a browser to that location.

Your web opac can also show the link if you export the web site field.

Most e-Book suppliers should supply MARC records which the Plus, Extended and Premium versions of ResourceMate® can import into your existing database. Those MARC records should include an 856 record which will import into the web field in ResourceMate®.

If authentication is not embedded in the 856u tag of the MARC record (the information that will go into the web site field), authentication can be achieved by contacting your e-provider or Jaywil Software.

Authentication is the process of patrons automatically logging into the e-book provider when they click through on either your OPAC or Web OPAC.

Let Jaywil Software know your specific e-book requirements.

What about 13 digit ISBN numbers?

The following pertains to ISBN retrieval and creation of an ISBN file for Batch ISBN (Plus, Extended and Premium) processing. The ISBN field in ResourceMate will hold fifteen numbers/characters. You can enter anything you want into the ISBN field.

For the purposes of ISBN retrieval and creation of an ISBN file for Batch ISBN processing, you can enter either the 10 digit isbn or the 13 digit isbn. Most services available through ISBN Retrieval will search either the 10 digit or the 13 digit isbn.

What is the capacity of the call number fields?

There are 5 call number fields, each allowing for 15 characters or numbers. There is a Section field above the call number fields. This is used for headings such as JF (Junior Fiction), TF (Teen Fiction), BIO (Biography), LP (Large Print), etc.

Can I also enter sub-title, series, and multiple authors?

Yes. For many fields you can even look up previous entries to make data entry faster and more consistent.

Will ResourceMate® generate catalog cards?

Yes. Even though many people have moved to online systems, we still suport those who continue to maintain a card catalog. ResourceMate® will print cards for title, sub-title, series, uniform title, varying form of title, author, 2nd Author, 3rd Author, illustrator, editor, Statement of Responsibility, Shelf (Inventory) card, and a subject card for each subject heading entered. Printing of these cards is optional and determined by the user. Default choices can also be setup to save you typing in choices each time.

Visit our Supplies web page to look up compatible card and label stock part numbers. You can purchase these either from us or from several library supplies companies. (Click here).

Will ResourceMate® generate spine labels for my books?

Yes. ResourceMate® will print spine labels, sign out card labels and pocket labels. Any of these labels can be re-printed if necessary. You may also choose to print only spine labels (on spine only stock).

Visit our Supplies web page to look up compatible card and label stock part numbers. You can purchase these either from us or from several library supplies companies. (Click here).

Does ResourceMate® print cards and labels on common stock?

ResourceMate® has been designed to print cards and labels on common stock available from Jaywil Software or several suppliers. Visit our Supplies web page to look up compatible card and label stock part numbers. You can purchase these either from us or from several library supplies companies. (Click here).

Can I print listings by title, author, subject and category instead of catalog cards?

Yes. These listings offer an alternative to the traditional card catalog and are sometimes found to be easier to use.

ResourceMate® can also be used as an on-line catalog by allowing patrons access to only the OPAC. You can also purchase one or more of our OPAC licenses to turn networked PC's into public access search stations.

Why does this computerized system still have the option to printing library cards?

Some libraries are still using cards with the intention of going on-line (computer based searching - OPAC) in the next few years. ResourceMate® can continue to service the card catalog and also allow them to go on-line if and when they so choose.

Does ResourceMate® automatically determine the Dewey decimal number?

Currently, licensing is not available from the Dewey Decimal Corporation. Our ISBN Retrieval feature is a great way to import full cataloguing data, including the Dewey call number, from the free Library of Congress Z39.50 web site (and other sources including Amazon). ISBN Retrieval is available to registered users with up to date support.

Can I still store accession information in ResourceMate®?

Yes. ResourceMate® will automatically determine the accession date and calculate the next available accession number or allow you to enter your own letter, number and or date. The accession number and date is printed on the shelf (inventory) card as well as the accession report.

Can ResourceMate retrieve Scholastic Reading Counts information?

Yes, the Extended, Extended Network and Premium version with up to date support can automatically retrieve Scholastic Reading Counts information. Click here

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System & Technical

Which versions of Windows will ResourceMate® work with?

ResourceMATE will run on Windows 10 and Windows 11. **OLDER WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTED.** ResourceMate will also run on Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019.

What are the system requirements for the ResourceMate® Family of Products?

Computer with the data located on it

Windows 10 or Windows 11, Server 2016, Server 2019
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2
1gb hard drive space - 18mb per additional 1,000 items
2gb ram
1ghz processor

If using Lite, Volunteer, or client is accessing data on the network

1gb RAM instead of 2gb RAM
512mhz processor instead of 1ghz processor
170mb disk space instead of 1gb

The Database server

2gb RAM
Windows Windows 10, Windows 11, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019
1gb hard drive space - 18mb per additional 1,000 items
1ghz processor

Will ResourceMate® run on a Mac?

We recommend that Mac users also purchase our annual hosting of ResourceMate®. Then you can run your library software from any Mac, anywhere in the world. Click here for more information.

While ResourceMate® is not designed for the Mac we have reports from several users that it runs successfully when used in conjunction with a PC emulator program, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Though we cannot guarantee any results if you use a Mac, we suggest you download our demo (click here) and test it out in one or more of the PC emulator packages that are available.

Can I import existing information that has been entered into another program?

The Plus, Extended and Premium versions can import from MARC, ascii, Excel and Access. We will also convert your existing data into ResourceMate®. Send your files as an e-mail attachment, we will quote you a price; upon your go-ahead, the converted information will be returned to you with installation instructions.
Click here to learn more about ResourceMate® data entry/conversion options.

Can I upgrade my ResourceMate® to a Plus, Extended, Premium or Network version later on?

Yes. Simply contact Jaywil Software and we will process your upgrade. Your existing data will automatically be converted.

Can ResourceMate® be run on a network?

The network versions were designed to be run on a network.

If you haven't purchased a network version of ResourceMate®, the data can be installed on a network. Each computer running ResourceMate® will need to have the ResourceMate® program installed on it. Only one person at a time will be able to access the ResourceMate® database.

Purchasing a network version allows up to 3 people at a time maintaining the database. Additional licenses are available.

You can setup OPAC stations on your organization's network by purchasing one or more of our OPAC licenses at $50. Each station can either occupy a station license or a simultaneous license. With several OPACs, users throughout your organization can search the library.

Please see our Installation Instructions for network versions and OPAC.

Another option is to purchase our Web OPAC product for $149. This is a CGI-based web program that can be hosted by Jaywil Software, installed on your own intranet or on web space you have available. It allows library users, who have access to the World Wide Web (or to your company's intranet), to search a copy of your complete catalogue. You can decide if they can also e-mail "Borrow Requests" made from their search results.

What is the level of security?

Security currently exists on the OPAC, circulation screens and entry of the program. The Plus, Extended and Premium versions contain more extensive security. Any menu features can be made available or unavailable for each person using Plus, Extended or Premium. You can create login "accounts" and tailor them for specific individuals or groups of library users (administrator, check-in/check-out staff, students, etc.)

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Cost Related

How does ResourceMate® compare to other similar products which are available?

We believe, and our customers continue to tell us, that ResourceMate® has the most features for the price. Our entry price of $495 is lower than most competitive software.

How often do you put out updates to ResourceMate®? What historically has been the cost?

Updates to ResourceMate® are available approximately every 4 months. These updates are issued free to those who have chosen to continue their support contract (see below). Updates contain enhancements and improvements to the current version you have.

Are there any support related costs?

Currently ResourceMate® includes 1 month of free support starting from the date of registration. Support after the free period can be purchased yearly. This fee keeps you up-to-date as updates are released, and gives you the freedom to call our toll-free number (North America) with any questions you may have related to ResourceMate®. You will also be able to continue using ISBN Retrieval, Library Search and Batch ISBN (Plus, Extended and Premium). This fee does not include additional formal training, on-site customer support or product upgrades.

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How does the Web OPAC work?

We host the web OPAC. Your ResourceMate program will apply changes you have made as long as you have an internet connection. On a weekly, daily or instant basis your data changes are applied to the web OPAC database. The ResourceMate computer does not need to be left on all the time. You will likely want your webmaster to setup a link to the url that we will email you for your hosted web OPAC.

Do I need to do anything on my web server?

No. We host your web OPAC. You will likely want your webmaster to setup a link to the url that we will email you for your hosted web OPAC.

Does the hard drive on which ResourceMate® is installed have to be accessible from the Internet?

No. The ResourceMate computer needs to have internet access in order for changes to be uploaded to our server. The ResourceMate computer does not need to be left on all the time.

Can I use a different graphic?

Yes. You can setup your own logo using the web based admin tool for your web OPAC.

Can the label names of the search fields be changed?

Those are set based on your substitute labels in Utilities, Field Settings or File, Resource types.

Can pictures be displayed?

Yes. You can choose up to 4 pictures/graphics using the web based admin tool for your web OPAC. Item Multimedia information can also be viewed as well.

Can I search fields but not display them, or display fields that were not searched?

Yes. Using the web based admin tool for your web OPAC you can determine what items fields are searchable as well as what fields are displayed.

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Live Chat

Questions related to the charge for Live Chat.

Order support with Live Chat if you would like the freedom to contact support via Live Chat instead of phone or e-mail. Live Chat gets top priority in our office.

I use Live Chat to send backup files. Can I still do that?
You can now send your backup files at .

Will support staff still ask me to get on Live Chat if that is needed?
Yes, support staff will issue a ticket number which you can enter when using Live Chat.

What is the main advantage of support with Live Chat?
Many have enjoyed the freedom of contacting support via Live Chat instead of phoning or e-mailing. Those that purchase support with live chat will be able to continue to do this.

How does this service work?

Once you connect to the service, you are prompted to download a small, self-installing plug-in, which allows your support representative to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard. At any time during a support session, you can take control of your computer just by moving your mouse. You will be in charge at all times.

Can my support representative look through files without my knowledge?

Absolutely not. Your representative sees only what you see and whatever you permit him or her to see on your computer screen. Before your support representative views your screen, he or she will first ask your permission and request that you close all documents containing private information.

How is security maintained?

At the beginning of a screen-sharing session, you and your support representative are connected via a communication server. The screen data that is passed between you and your support representative during a session is highly compressed using proprietary technology that can be viewed only with GoToAssist software. This data is also encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Privacy principles are TRUSTe compliant. After the session has ended, your support representative can no longer see your screen or access your computer unless you make another explicit request for support.

What are the minimum requirements for my computer and Internet connection?

For your support representative to view your desktop, your computer should meet these requirements:

• 28.8Kbps or greater Internet connection (56K recommended)
• Windows 8 or Windows 10, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2012, Server 2016
• Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher
• Recommended: Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections, or availability of a SOCKS server or an HTTP proxy

Is the plug-in virus free?

Yes, the plug-in is safe. We're as concerned as you are about this issue, so regular virus checks and updates are conducted. This helps us maintain our technology at the highest standard to ensure superior quality service. The warning message you might see on your screen is a default message displayed by your browser when you download executable files. You can feel confident using this plug-in.

What is the size of the file that I will download to engage in a screen-sharing session with my support representative?

The file size ranges between 329 kb and 580 kb.

Are there any files or folders left on my computer after the session ends?

The downloaded file stays on your computer; however, the file is useless without a new "encryption key." To download a new encryption key, you would need to initiate a subsequent session with a support representative. Screen-sharing sessions have to be initiated by you, not a support representative.

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How does hosting ResourceMate work?

Using a remote desktop connection, which is available on every Windows computer in the Accessories group, and also available for MAC and unix/linux computers (google windows terminal server client mac) you point to our remote server. Upon connection you will see a standard username and password prompt. After you have logged in you will see your desktop with your ResourceMate® icons.

If you are hosting my web OPAC, but not hosting my ResourceMate, how do I upload my new library.txt file?

The Family of Products can automatically upload for you. If you have 3.0 and have not upgraded to the Family of Products yet, you will have a login profile created for you on the remote server. We recommend that you webmail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc,) yourself the library.txt file from the computer running ResourceMate. Log into the remote server, log into your webmail, open the e-mail you sent yourself and save the attachment into your web OPAC folder.

If I already have ResourceMate®, how do I get my data up there?

We take care of that as part of the initial setup charge. Data transfer and restore is just one aspect of the initial setup that needs to take place.

Do I still need to backup?

Our remote server is backed up on a daily and weekly basis but we still encourage users to do their own backup. If you ask us to restore from our daily or weekly backup there will be a $60 charge for the time involved in retrieving your data from our server image.

How do I do off-site backup?

From the remote server you can still send your backup to Jaywil for off-site storage if you would like. Simply go to . Click on the Support menu then choose Offsite / Anniversary Backup.

How can I access my own MARC import files or do an Export to Marc and get that information?

To send yourself a file, we recommend that you webmail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc,) the file to yourself from the computer with the file located on it. Log into the remote server, log into your webmail, open the e-mail to yourself then save the attachment into your ResourceMate® folder or onto the desktop. Do the reverse to send a file from the remote server to your computer.

Will I get a separate bill for my annual hosting cost?

Yes but we like to match the date up with your support ends date so you can get both notices at the same time.

What happens if I decide to leave hosting and go back to running ResourceMate® on my local computer?

The Hosting fee is an annual fee. Should you decide to leave, for a fee of $60 we will transfer your data from the remote server to your local computer.

How can I determine how many hosted users I need to purchase?

2 people wanting to maintain the database at the same time (check-out, check-in) will require 2 hosted users. You will also need to have one of the network versions of ResourceMate to have two or more people maintaining the database at the same time.

A patron OPAC station (not web OPAC) running whenever someone else is maintaining the database will require 2 hosted users, one for the person maintaining the database and one for the patron OPAC station. The appropriate OPAC station licenses must also be purchased.

If we are hosting your ResourceMate you may want to consider us hosting your web OPAC instead of having patron OPAC licenses setup per station.

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