All About ResourceMate® Extended

Ideal for organizations requiring more advanced features like schools and public libraries. 

All the features of Essential Plus with important extras like establish circulation rules, manage textbooks and automatically retrieve Lexile®, Accelerated Reader and Scholastic Reading Counts information (with up to date support) and many more features. (see tabs for details)

  • Catalog any type of resource
  • Up to 20,000 items – additional increments of 10,000 items can be purchased for $100
  • Circulation – Establish circulation rules such as: can not check out if Patron/Family has an item overdue by x days, do not create fine if less than $x.xx.; can be established system wide.
  • Keep track of who made what changes and able to revert back if necessary
  • Manage textbooks
  • MARC import/export
  • Volunteer entry
  • automatically retrieve Lexile® and Accelerated Reader information (with up to date support)
  • Store web link for items or multi-media objects
  • ISBN retrieval from over 100 sources (registered users with up to date support)
  • Process list of ISBN’s
  • Searching & Reporting
  • Establish items that cannot be searched
  • Track pamphlets, flyers, brochures, serials and subscriptions
  • Track funding region
  • OPAC is a single license – more can be purchased
  • OPAC has book bin and ability to email search results
  • Privileges can be given or taken away for a particular Patron Group (ex. Teachers), or for individual patron (ex. Principal)
  • Establish resource types that cannot be checked out, maximum number of times to renew, increased or reduced check out periods.
  • Set maximum number of items checked out per Patron/Family
  • Holidays can be exempt from fine calculations
  • Create additional circulation records for renewals
  • Patron circulation privacy
  • Bar coding and printing
  • Easily generate listings by title, author, category, subject as well as overdue listings and spine labels
  • Spiral-bound manual with index. Extensive Help available at the press of a button. Handy "How-Do-I" section.
  • Three free months of technical support upon registration (via toll-free number or e-mail).

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ResourceMate®  Extended
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