All About Auto Backup & Offsite Storage

You've taken the time to enter all your cataloged data and circulation, don't take a chance on not having a reliable backup. It's simple to reinstall ResourceMate, but replacing your data is impossible.

Your data will be automatically backed up based on the frequency you select.  The second benefit is that once a month it will automatically send your data to our server for Offsite Storage (Support must be active).


  • Backup Schedule: select the frequency and time. The computer that has your database has to be powered on for the time you've selected.
  • Offsite Storage Schedule: once a month your data will be uploaded to our secure server.  You can select the day and time.  Support must be kept active for this feature.
  • Backup Log: will show you the list of backups that have been created by date and time. 

Benefits to you: 

  • Reliable: the automatic process takes care of creating your backup
  • Easy Set up: you choose the frequency and time
  • Reduce workload: cross off a task on your daily To Do list
  • Greater security: your data will be safe and secure on our server
  • Saves time and money: losing data and re-cataloguing is very costly and time consuming
Auto Backup & Offsite Storage
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