Web OPAC with Daily Data Updates Features & Specs

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"Our success with ResourceMate® (and Web OPAC) is the major factor in the increased recognition our organization is receiving. People all over the world are discovering that we are here and have things that no one else does – something we didn’t know either until this project took off."
Sheila Moll, Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic, customer since 2001.

Click here for web OPAC demo.

Make your library searchable on the web for just $199 per year. Add an optional password to restrict your audience. ResourceMate® Web OPAC is a great way to increase the awareness and accessibility of your library!

We host your Web OPAC on our server.

Note: This Web OPAC is not available for users of ResourceMate 3.0. Contact us if you are still using 3.0 and have not yet upgraded to the Family of Products (4.0).


What do I need to make my library searchable on the web?

You need to have ResourceMate 4.0 and internet access on your ResourceMate computers that are maintaining the database.

Note: It is not necessary for your ResourceMate computer to be on when the daily or weekly update of your data is taking place.

Upon setup you will receive the url that your website can link to so people can search your collection.

Click here for Web OPAC demo.