New Feature: Remote Circulation

Nov. 21, 2018

All About Remote Circulation

ResourceMate® is pleased to announce the release of Remote Circulation within the ResourceMate® Family of Products update.  This feature is included with Essential Plus, Extended, and Premium.


Need Circulation Capabilities at a Book Mobile or for a Book Cart? 

No Problem.

No Internet Connection?  

No Problem.


Remote Circulation enables you to record circulation events without having access to the ResourceMate® database. 

How Can I Use Remote Circulation? 

This new feature is perfect for:

  • Minimizing manual entry and human error from paper tracking circulation
  • Organizations with no internet access
  • When the internet is down temporarily 
  • For use at book mobiles, school fairs, off-site conferences, and more

How Does it Work?

Remote Circulation is a separate program that is installed onto any Windows based device including a laptop, desktop, and/or a tablet. Both your Patrons and Items must be bar-coded in order to use the new feature. The data is recorded on another computer and then transferred back to the ResourceMate® computer and processed there. 


Make Remote Circulation Simple

Record your circulation activities including:






Check In




Check Out






Note: At this time, Remote Circulation does not allow any Circulation Rules to be validated during the Check Out process. 

Click here for the Remote Circulation Guide and Installation File.

How do I apply this feature to my program?

Click here to download the latest update and follow the instructions on the screen.