Capacity of ResourceMate®

We have designed ResourceMate® to accommodate the library or collection of any size! The database that ResourceMate® uses is MS SQL, the Compact, Express and Corporate versions.  The corporate version of MS SQL server is capable of handling any numbers of items.

The only performance degradation we are aware of is a slowness in generating reports if you choose to report all items.

If you purchase one of the ResourceMate® single user versions, this may present limitations in an environment with more than 20,000 items. Although multiple people can search the database via our OPAC, only one person at a time can maintain the database. This means that you cannot have one person maintaining the database while another person is processing check outs and check ins.

Of course the Network versions of ResourceMate solve many of these concerns.

Our experience is that as the number of items increases, users of library software are cataloguing more intricate details of the items in their library. ResourceMate® was designed to be easy to use software that did not involve hours of training to understand complex cataloguing procedures.

If you have looked at the demo of ResourceMate® and feel that none of the above mentioned issues are a concern to you then we have no hesitation in recommending ResourceMate® for your use.

Many organizations around the world have found that ResourceMate® more than meets their needs.