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Business as usual for ResourceMate®

We are pleased and excited to announce that ResourceMate® was acquired by Harris Computer Systems on April 25, 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into the Harris family of companies and look forward to working with you as you use the ResourceMate® products and services.

We see ResourceMate® as a complimentary solution for many of our Harris customers. We see great opportunities for ResourceMate® among our existing Local Government and Schools customers, and likewise opportunities for Harris among our existing ResourceMate® customers. Joining these businesses adds value for our combined customer base and strengthens both solution offerings.

We know that you will have questions about this change, and we are providing you with a comprehensive FAQ to answer some of the questions we anticipate you will have. Should you have any additional questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of us directly at the contact information below.

Shara Blackmore
Manager, ResourceMate®

Nadine Campbell
Product Manager, Harris

We listen to you! Over the years we’ve been asked if ResourceMate® has a Self-Circulation component, and very soon we will be announcing that YES it does! Look for more information regarding this great new feature in the upcoming months.

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Upgrade and Web OPAC sale

We are excited to have an upgraded version of Web OPAC! It is a web based search screen that your students and patrons can use to search your library from any computer with internet access. Some of the features include:

• A dynamic look and feel that includes book cover images
• Full flexibility with deciding what shows on the screen
• Display lists of new items, most checked out items, featured items, and popular items
• Patrons can log in to their account and view the checked out items, due dates, and request renewals

You can decide if you want your data from ResourceMate to Web OPAC automatically updated weekly, daily, or instantly. The prices are:

• Weekly - $179/year
• Daily - $299/year
• Instant - $449/year

Please note: the upgrade to Web OPAC is only available for customers who are using the ResourceMate Family of Products. It is not available for ResourceMate 3.0 users. To help you in your decision to upgrade we are offering you a 20% discount on both the upgrade AND Web OPAC if you order both together before June 30, 2017! This applies to new orders of Web OPAC or if you are upgrading your current version of Web OPAC.

For more information please click here.

To try a Demo of the new Web OPAC and for more information click here.


Upcoming Conferences for 2017

June 19-21, 2017 – American Jewish Libraries 52nd Annual Conference in New York, NY.

June 22-27, 2017 – American Library Association Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, IL.


Online Training Sessions

Our Level 1 Online Training Session is intended to show new users the basics, as well as show many of the features and capabilities of ResourceMate®.

The next Level 1 Training Session will be on June 13, 2017 from 12-4pm, EST.

Our Level 2 Online Training Session is for those users who are proficient with the basics of ResourceMate® and/or for those who wish to learn more about the features in the Extended and Premium versions.

The next Level 2 Training Session will be on June 15, 2017 from 12-4 pm, EST.

Please visit our website for more information about our Level 1 Online Training and Level 2 Online Training sessions.


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Spotlight On ...

Live Chat

We take pride in our fantastic customer service reputation, and one of the ways we can continue to ensure that we continue to provide this level of service is with Live Chat.

Live Chat is an addition to your annual Support, and it gives you another option for contacting us with any questions or technical issues you have. With Support you can call or email us and when you add Live Chat for an additional $45 you can go to our website and initiate a Live Chat session that lets you chat online with a customer service representative. It also allows us to remote in to your computer to view your desktop and to share control of your mouse and keyboard if the situation requires. At any time during a Live Chat session you can take control of your computer just by moving your mouse. You’ll always be in charge.

It’s a really great and easy way to have your questions answered and issues solved quickly!

You can read more information about Live Chat here.

To place an order for Live Chat and add it on to your existing Support, or to renew expired Support please contact us at 1-800-815-8370. Or, go to our website and start a Live Chat session!

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Technical Tip

Easy and Efficient Searching Tools – The Auto Filter Row and Find Panel

The auto-filter row is a search feature you can use to refine the grid contents based on the content in one or more columns. The auto-filter line appears under the column header in the Circulation, Items, Textbooks, Patrons and Resource Types grid(s).

To use the auto-filter row to search a grid:
Type your search term into the field under a column header. The system filters the grid based on what you entered. In this example, the filter details appear at the bottom of the grid as:

To clear the search and reset the grid to display all the content, erase the text in the auto filter row(s) or click to remove the at the bottom of the grid.

To further refine your search, click in another auto-filter row field for another column and type in your criteria.

Note that this is a “Starts with” search only.

For quick grid searches, try the Find Panel, also located in all ResourceMate ® grids.

To use the Find panel to search a grid:
Right click on any grid column heading, then click Grid options > Show Find Panel. The Find Panel appears.
In the search box type your search term. With each letter you type, the grid automatically filters all grid columns and displays the content based on your search term.

Note that this is a “Contains” search.


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