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Wow. 20 years. I remember well preparing ResourceMate® 2.0 (our first boxed product) in the months leading up to March 1995 for a product display at a retailer. I was told librarians would be ready to buy and I needed to guarantee that finished product would be available.

So much has happened since that release.

  • Staffing by amazing people committed to ResourceMate® and your customer experience
  • A product flexible to the needs of many different uses
  • the World Wide WEB
  • National Library Supplies catalogs
  • Recession and Economic downturn
  • Our much loved isbn retrieval
  • User testimonials
  • Programming staff and version 3.0
  • Balancing family and work (for all our staff)
  • Add on modules and a more mature product
  • Every state and province in North America
  • at least 130 countries worldwide
  • Museums, School Boards, Toy Lending Libraries, Public/State libraries, Retirement Communities, Prisons and many other customer groups finding ResourceMate® and recognizing the value for their organizations
  • Instant Retrieval of Reading Scores with the ResourceMate® Reading Program Service (Extended)
  • 10,000 registered users

I could go on. I think I could best summarize the last 20 years by saying

Great Staff
Great Customers

Thank you. We continue forward for the next 20.

Brian Watson

President, Jaywil Software Development Inc.

In This Issue:

Celebrating 20 Years

We are very proud to announce that March is our official 20 year anniversary from the first release of ResourceMate®!

For the past 20 years, Jaywil Software has focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of small to medium sized libraries by listening, improving, growing, and providing the best solution possible. We are proud of our success and excited to see what the next 20 years has in store for us.

We know that this anniversary wouldn’t be possible without our loyal customers. To thank you and to celebrate with you, we are starting a Celebration Sale that will give you 20% off all orders placed in March, 2015.

For more information about the Celebration Sale please see our web site, contact us at or call us at 1-800-815-8370.

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What's New...

Upcoming Conferences

March 29-April 2 we will be at the Head Start Conference & Expo in Washington, DC

April 7-9 we will be at the NCEA 2015 Convention & Expo in Orlando, FL


New Jaywil Employee

We are pleased to announce that Bonnie Sands has joined our Customer Service & Support team! Bonnie is bringing over 15 years of technical support and administrative experience. We’re excited to welcome her to Jaywil Software and know she will be a valuable team member.

How To’s available in the ResourceMate® KnowledgeBase

Our helpful KnowledgeBase is located on our website under the Support tab. This area is accessible only to customers who have active Support. The benefits of keeping support up to date as it relates to ResourceMate® Essential is here.

We’ve been working hard to ensure that as much information as possible is available to you on our website, and as a result we’ve created a new section in the KnowledgeBase called How To’s. You can access it by going to the KnowledgeBase, enter your ResourceMate® serial number, and then click on either The New ResourceMate Family of Products link, or ResourceMate 3.0. In the next screen that opens, click on the How To’s link to access all of the articles we’ve created for you. Some of the topics of the articles include: how to create the web search file, how to use the year-end inventory feature, how to generate overdue reports and notices, and so on.

Please let us know if there is a topic you would like to see under the How To’s, and we will gladly add it for you.


Online Training Sessions

Our Level 1 Online Training Session is intended to show new users the program, how to do all of the basic procedures, as well as show many of the features and capabilities of ResourceMate®.

The next Level 1 Training Session will be on March 11, 2015 from 12-4pm, EST.

Our Level 2 Online Training Session is for those users who are proficient with the basics of ResourceMate® and/or for those who wish to learn more about the features in the Extended and Premium versions.

The next Level 2 Training Session will be on March 13, 2015 from 12-4 pm, EST.

Please visit our website for more information about our Level 1 Online Training and Level 2 Online Training sessions, as well as our other 2015 training dates.

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Spotlight On ...

In February, we attended the American Correctional Association Winter Conference in Long Beach, California and it gave us an opportunity to visit some of our customers located in the area. One of the customers we visited is the Museum of Latin American Art, and Dr. Maria Mar graciously agreed to spend some time with us and show us around her library.

Museum of Latin American Art

Museum of Latin American Art

The Museum of Latin American Art was founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area. It is the only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art. The Museum of Latin American Art expands knowledge and appreciation of modern and contemporary Latin American art through its Collection, ground-breaking Exhibitions, stimulating Educational Programs, and engaging Cultural Events.

Our interview with Dr. Maria Mar, Volunteer Librarian at the Museum:

Q. How did you come to be involved with the library and did you have any prior library experience?

A. My background is in Literacy, and I come from a career in Education. I have no prior library experience. I met a docent at a yoga class, and she invited me to join the docent program. During a tour of the museum, I noticed the disorganization of the library, and offered to help as the docent program would not begin for several months.

Q. How is ResourceMate® helping you meet your goals for the library?

A. ResourceMate® is making it possible to meet my primary goal at the MOLAA Library, which is to bring organization, functionality, and accessibility to the library.

Q. When and how did your library get started?

A. Books were being collected through donations and the founder’s collection as early as 1996. The library space was completed in 2007 with the idea of having an additional resource for staff and the community.

Q. Who will use your library, and how will it impact your community?

A. In addition to curatorial resource by our staff, we are envisioning a valuable cultural resource for our community. We anticipate it will be used by students, researchers, and the public at large. We had 98,000 visitors to the Museum last year, and we have 46 staff and over 60 volunteers.

We expect that the library will become the primary source for books on Latin American art in the region.

Q. What factors made you decide to purchase ResourceMate®, and what are some of your favorite features of the program?

A. I researched several software programs when I undertook the task of bringing organization to the library. I decided on ResourceMate® and made the recommendation for its purchase, based on the cost of the program and the apparent “friendliness” and “usability” for a novice.

I like the program very much, but by far my favorite feature is the ability to import information at the touch of a button (ISBN retrieval feature).

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Technical Tip


About Listing Reports

ResourceMate® has several grids that are used to display data related to various portions of the application. The most well-known grids display information related to Items, Circulation, and Patrons. All of the grid displays in ResourceMate® have access to Listing Reports.

In the table below is a list of some of these grid names and the types of reports that you might want to see. Because the reports are customizable, you can easily create reports that are best suited to your need.

Shelf List by Section Items Expected Back for students in a class Student Class List with barcode numbers and images
Reference listings by Title, Author or Category Overdue Items – for shelf verification Patron membership expiration dates (Extended)
Items added today (this week etc) Items Checked out today Patrons with missing e-mail addresses

Below is information about the Listing Reports with reference to the Items Grid but the same information applies to the Listing Reports found on all of the grids.

The Listing Reports option is found in the Actions tool on the left panel of the Items Grid. You can also access the listing reports by right clicking anywhere in the data area of the grid and selecting Generate Report or Organize Listing Reports.

If you use the Auto-filter row or the Advanced Search filtering tools to select a specific group of items on the Grid, the listing reports will by default report on just those items that are displayed on the Grid. You can review the help information about these features by selecting Help/Keywords and entering “Auto-filter row” or “Advanced search filter” or click on this link to get Auto-filter row help

A Listing Report will contain a row for each grid entry and the columns that have been defined for the report layout. You can have as many report layouts as you like. Generally people give each of these layouts a distinctive name related to what is being shown in the report. When you click on the Listing Reports Action tool and Select Generate Report, a preview is displayed and you can decide to review the information on the preview screen, print the report or save a copy of the report to a file (e.g. PDF file) on your computer system. See Help/Keywords and entering “Generate Listing Reports” for more details about the buttons on this preview screen or click on this link to get Generate Listing Reports help:

Some samples of Listing Reports are already in the program and there is a set of tools to Organize Listing Reports that allows you to modify the layouts or create new layouts. By using Organize Listing Reports, you can control the:

  • Name of the Report Layout
  • Column Layout includes ability to group items together (eg. by Category)
  • Sort Order for items being displayed
  • Filter options (default is for items currently displayed on the Grid)
  • The page format (Portrait or Landscape)
There are several help screens available that will help you through the use of these controls. The entry point into the part of the help system that describes these controls is through Help/Keywords and entering “Organize Listing Reports” on the left panel.

The process for creating a Listing Report involves two steps:

Step 1 - Select the items that you want to include on the list

Let's assume for the present that you want to list all the items in your catalogue. So there is nothing required to do at this step.

Step 2 - Generate a Report that selects the report that you want to use

On the left panel (near the bottom) under Actions (tool) Select Listing Reports/ Generate Listing Report / Select by Title or by Author or by Category etc.

Note: similar reports have been created for several grids including the Circulations Grid and for the Patrons Grid. Once you have selected the desired report a preview of the report will be shown and you can then use the icons shown just above the report preview to print or save the report to a PDF file for distribution.

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