We have a special announcement for our ResourceMate® customers,



We know you work hard to ensure that your collection is accessible and successful. That’s why we’ve developed a new Web OPAC that will help you make your collection available to your patrons anywhere, anytime!

Please note: The new Web OPAC is not available for 3.0 users, it is only available for those who have upgraded to the Family of Products. Now would be a great time to consider upgrading your ResourceMate 3.0 program as we will be discontinuing support as of December 31, 2017. To help you make your decision we are offering you a 20% discount on your upgrade to the Family of Products when you also purchase your first year of Web OPAC. This discount is valid until March 31, 2017 and does not include any other special offer. Use Code UpgradeRM3WithWebOPAC when you order.

Web OPAC Includes:

• Web based search screen
• Access from any computer or device with internet access
• Patron account login

We'd love to show you the new Web OPAC. We can even set up a Demo with your own library items so you can see how it will work for you. Click here for more information or call us at 1-800-815-8370.



- The Jaywil Software Team

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