We are excited to tell you about our new Auto Backup & Offsite Storage feature!

What is it:
an Add On feature that lets you schedule automatic backups every day, week, or month. And once a month the backup file will be sent to our offsite server for safe keeping (with active Support)

Cost: $149
Support must be kept active for the Offsite Storage option

Benefits to you:
• Higher reliability: the automatic process takes care of creating your backup for you
• Easy Set up: you choose the frequency and time
• Reduce your workload: cross off a task on your daily To Do list
• Greater security: your data will be safe and secure on our server
• Saves Time and Money: losing data and re-cataloguing is very costly and time consuming

All computer systems crash, all humans err, and disasters happen when least expected. Keep your data safe and secure with Auto Backup & Offsite Storage. Click here for more information, or call us at 1-800-815-8370.

~ Your ResourceMate Team



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